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December 11, 2019
Nick Cave Names “Tupelo” As One Of His Top 10 Favorite Songs Of All-Time

It’s a question all musicians are asked at some point in their career and, for Nick Cave, it’s one that he has declined to answer for quite some time.

For Cave, the idea of revealing the pieces of music that mean the most to him was too much of a gift to give away, it was too personal. However, as the Bad Seeds frontman attempts to grow his already unbreakable relationship with his fans, he has answered the question: ‘What would be a list of 10 of your most favourite pieces of music, by artists other than yourself?’

Cave’s answer to the question was delivered as part of his ongoing series ‘The Red Right Hand Files’, a website that allows him to take and answer questions from his supporters. Having tackled his relationship with Warren Ellis, his Grinderman plans and his beliefs on the cultural boycott of Israel, Cave turned his attentions to the music that means the most to him.

“In my extended poem, ‘The Sick Bag Song’, I wrote about Leonard Cohen and the effect that he had on me as a young boy when I first heard him sing,” Cave answered.

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