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From Robert Johnson to John Lee Hooker: Eric Clapton picks his 15 favorite songs of all time

Clapton picks 15 songs that may not all be firmly labelled as blues but are certainly all imbued with a degree of soulfulness that highlights Clapton’s desired commitment to their craft. All of the musicians and genres represented are all performed with power and passion. Yet, Clapton’s heart is in the blues. Read the article: […]

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“But, you know, they call it the devil’s music….” – Read A Fascinating 1989 John Lee Hooker Interview

Born in the Mississippi Delta, the son of a sharecropping pastor, John Lee Hookabsorbed the blues of that region before heading north and picking up an electric guitar. That was a seminal moment in music history, as his driving rhythmic style earned him the nickname “King of the Boogie” and influenced generations of rock guitarists. […]

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Bob Dylan Shouts Out John Lee Hooker In New Song “Murder Most Foul”

Bob Dylan, who hasn’t released an original song since 2012’s Tempest, unexpectedly dropped a previously unheard, nearly 17-minute-long new track, “Murder Most Foul,” late Thursday night. In its prayer-like final passages (the song is so structurally daunting that it’s hard to think in terms of verses), Dylan invokes the DJ Wolfman Jack before dropping a […]

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Hooker ‘N Heat, 2-LP Colored Vinyl Set, Available Exclusively For Record Store Day, June 20, 2020

Available for Record Store Day 2020, comes the classic 2-LP set, Hooker ‘N Heat. Released in January of 1971, Hooker ‘N Heat marked the first collaboration between blues legend John Lee Hooker and California R&B band Canned Heat. Sadly, it was also the final recording made by co-founder Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson who passed away […]

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‘Hooker ’N Heat’: A Fiery Collaboration Between Two Blues Legends

With mutual appreciation for each other’s blues prowess, John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat collaborated on the smoking-hot album ‘Hooker ’N Heat’. The double-album Hooker ’N Heat, which was released on 15 January 1971, is a fascinating meeting of mentor and protégés. Canned Heat had long admired John Lee Hooker and were delighted to find out that […]

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Black Night Is Falling – Live at The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club (Collectors Edition) Available For Streaming On February 7th, CD In-Stores February 21st!

We are proud to announce that John Lee Hooker’s Black Night is Falling – Live at The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club (Collectors Edition) will be available on all streaming platforms on February 7th and on CD February 21st (pre-order link below)! Recorded live in Montreal in 1977, the set includes the 17 minute jam of “Rock Steady” plus 3 […]

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Listen: Inside the John Lee Hooker Foundation with Zakiya Hooker and Director, Sherri Jones

The Finch Files, Peter Finch interviews Zakiya Hooker and the Director of the John Lee Hooker Foundation, Sherri Jones about the Foundation’s creation, mission and achievements. Donate to the John Lee Hooker Foundation:     

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Nick Cave Names “Tupelo” As One Of His Top 10 Favorite Songs Of All-Time

It’s a question all musicians are asked at some point in their career and, for Nick Cave, it’s one that he has declined to answer for quite some time. For Cave, the idea of revealing the pieces of music that mean the most to him was too much of a gift to give away, it […]

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Available Now For Record Store Day Black Friday, John Lee Hooker’s Black Night Is Falling: Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club, 2-LP Set

Available today, Record Store Day Black Friday, November 29th comes Black Night Is Falling: Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club. This 2-LP Collector’s Edition is limited to 4,000 copies and contains the previously unreleased, complete 17 minute, “Rock Steady” jam. The set also includes “Chicken And Gravy” which appears on no other John […]

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John Lee Hooker’s Tupelo Blues among David Bowie’s Top 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time

Note: Tupelo Blues is the UK version of The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker. It will come as little surprise that the great David Bowie had a vastly eclectic record collection. Way back in 2003 the Thin White Duke decided to rake through his 2,500 vinyl record collection to pick out some of his favourite […]

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