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John Lee Hooker’s Tupelo Blues among David Bowie’s Top 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time

Note: Tupelo Blues is the UK version of The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker.

It will come as little surprise that the great David Bowie had a vastly eclectic record collection.

Way back in 2003 the Thin White Duke decided to rake through his 2,500 vinyl record collection to pick out some of his favourite numbers while in conversation with Vanity Fair

In doing so, Bowie managed to name his top 25 records of all time. Among the list, there are shout outs for the likes for Robert Wyatt, John Lee Hooker, Toots & The Maytals, The Fugs and many more. “There is really no way to do a list of my favourite albums with any rationality. I do only have about 2,500 vinyl,” Bowie said a the time of naming his list.

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